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Perth strata companies prefer Conspar when it comes to building repair and protection

Specialising in structural building maintenance since 1969, Conspar is Perth's go-to for strata companies wanting the best for their clients.

Working for some of Perth's most reputable strata management companies, Conspar provides an extensive range of property maintenance services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Headed by a registered builder, registered painter and register architect. Conspar specialises in structural building repair and preventative maintenance, from concrete cancer treatment and waterproofing to rising damp repair, lintel replacement and custom-made protective floor coating installation.

Operating for the past 49 years, Conspar delivers Perth strata managers and their clients expertise and professionalism that can't be matched.

Contact Conspar today to discuss your clients' needs. Options are also available for works to be staged according to COO budget allocations.

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