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Your Gateway to Accurate Building Remediation Projects

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Welcome to our Initial Site Meetings

Conspar believes in precision, clarity, and excellence. When it comes to complex building remediation projects, accuracy in assessment is the cornerstone of a successful and efficient solution. To deliver spot-on quotations and ensure a seamless remediation journey, we prioritise understanding the core elements that shape the issues at hand.

Understanding the Core: Critical Details We Verify


To provide accurate quotations for building remediation projects, we meticulously verify the following critical details:

  1. Source of the Reported Issues: Pinpointing the origin to craft effective solutions.

  2. Condition of Surrounding/Adjacent Building and Structural Elements: A comprehensive view for a comprehensive resolution.

  3. Overall Scope of Work: Defining the breadth and depth of necessary actions for precision.

  4. Contributing Building Elements: Identifying interconnected issues to address the root cause.

  5. Specification for Remediation Materials and Systems: Crafting a tailored plan with the right tools for the job.


These aspects form the foundation of our approach, ensuring every step we take is rooted in accurate data and a clear understanding of the challenges at hand.

Charting the Course: The Site Meeting Advantage


We recommend initiating the journey with a site meeting at your property as a stand-alone service. This on-site, visual assessment, led by our registered builder representative specialising in building fault/defect remediation projects, allows us to truly understand in the intricacies of your building. It's a vital step, enabling us to:

  • Conduct a visual inspection of the reported issues.

  • Evaluate the reported issues in the context of the building and its structural elements.

  • Determine what other specialised inputs are required (eg. structural. engineering, CCTV inspection, etc.)

  • Discuss your unique requirements and concerns, in order to establish the most effective pathway to remediation (in terms of your aims, time and cost).


Enhancing Precision: The Remediation Plan


Post the site meeting, we tailor our approach based on the assessment:

  1. Scope of Work and Quotation: If the issues are clearly defined during the Initial Site Meeting, we promptly provide a detailed scope of work and an accurate quotation for the repairs.

  2. Delving Deeper: In instances where further investigation and precise specifications are essential before pricing, we present an optional "Remediation Plan." This plan offers you:

  • A certified remediation strategy based on evidence garnered through further detailed and / or destructive inspections.

  • Inclusion of external experts (identified during our Initial Site Meeting) which may include structural engineers, plumbers, and technical representatives from remedial and / or waterproofing materials manufacturers.

  • Observations and tailored recommendations for your specific building's needs.

  • A project-specific remediation specification, verified by a third-party material’s manufacturers, including all inputs garnered.

  • A budget estimate aligning with the defined scope and repair specification.


The Benefits You Stand to Gain


By choosing the "Remediation Plan," you unlock a multitude of benefits (click here for more detail):

  • Evidenced-based Results: Tailored precisely to your building's unique needs.

  • Accurate Cost Assessment: Empowering you to prioritise high-priority issues within budget.

  • Compliance Assurance: In alignment with the Home Building Contracts Act 1991.

  • Clear Expectations: A baseline document for precise comparison of quotations.

  • Streamlined Decision-Making: Reduce time delays and enhance control over outcomes.

  • Certifiable Scope of Work: Ensuring seamless payment and warranty procedures.


Moving Forward


In the spirit of well-informed decision-making and ensuring the most effective remediation for your property, we encourage you to take the crucial first step by initiating an on-site assessment through a site meeting. This personalised service, led by our expert builder specialising in fault/defect remediation projects, holds immense value. It not only allows us to comprehensively evaluate your property but also forms the foundation for a tailored remediation strategy. Your property's transformation into a secure and resilient space begins with this fundamental exploration. 

Click here to arrange your initial meeting.

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