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Facade Remediation

Why Our Facade Remediation Services Are Essential for Strata Residential Property Owners

At Conspar, we specialise in addressing and resolving complex facade issues for strata residential properties. With extensive experience in diagnosing and repairing defects in various facade types, including glazed facades, traditional brick cavity facades, and concrete-based facades such as tilt-up and AFS panels, we ensure that your property remains safe, aesthetically pleasing, and structurally sound.

Common Issues We Address:

  • Leaks Through Wall Types: Whether your building has glazed, brick cavity, or concrete facades, we have the expertise to identify and fix leaks, ensuring the integrity of your building's envelope.

  • Window Seal and Sealant Maintenance: We specialise in maintaining and replacing window seals and sealants to prevent water ingress and improve energy efficiency.

  • Balcony and Roof Leaks: Our services include addressing leaks from balconies and roofs, which are often interconnected with facade issues.

  • Plumbing Defects: We consider all contributing factors, including defective or damaged plumbing, which can exacerbate facade problems.


Symptoms of Facade Issues:

  • Leaks and Dampness: Persistent water ingress can lead to visible leaks and damp patches within the building.

  • Staining: Unsightly stains on interior and exterior surfaces often indicate ongoing moisture problems.

  • Sick Building Syndrome: Poor indoor air quality resulting from moisture issues can affect the health and well-being of residents.


Our Comprehensive Approach:

  1. Initial Site Meeting: We begin with a thorough site meeting with property owners to understand the history and scope of the issues. This includes reviewing past repairs and understanding the owners' priorities.

  2. Detailed Inspections: We conduct both visual and destructive inspections to accurately identify the sources of problems.

  3. Scope of Work and Budgeting: Based on our findings, we provide a detailed scope of work, methodology statement, program, specification, and budget for review.

  4. Project Management: We manage the entire process, from scheduling and supervising inspections to liaising with specialist contractors and consultants. Our team ensures clear communication with strata councils and property owners throughout the project.

  5. Execution and Staging: We often recommend breaking larger projects into smaller, manageable stages. This approach allows for case-study projects, where initial stages can be monitored and learnings applied to subsequent stages, minimising financial and time risks.


Case Study: Coastal Multi-Storey Residential Building

In a recent project, we addressed extensive facade issues in a multi-storey building on the coast. The property had defective windows, wall panels, and balconies, all contributing to internal leaks. We collaborated with the owners to define the remediation work and desired outcomes, starting with resealing and waterproofing the windows. This initial stage was monitored over the winter months to evaluate its effectiveness, with future stages planned based on evidence gathered.


Why Choose Conspar?

  • Expertise: Our team has a deep understanding of various facade systems and their common issues.

  • Comprehensive Service: From initial inspection to project completion, we manage all aspects of the remediation process.

  • Evidence-Based Approach: Our staged approach allows for thorough evaluation and adjustment, ensuring successful outcomes.

  • Peace of Mind: We operate under HIA contract conditions, providing the necessary insurances for remedial work.


Don't let facade issues compromise the safety and value of your property. Contact Conspar today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a durable and leak-free building.

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