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Asset Care

Expert Asset Care Solutions Based on Over 50 Years Inspecting Buildings

At Conspar, we have been involved at all stages of building repair and maintenance for over 50 years. So we have an in-depth understanding of the critical importance of understanding the current condition of your asset, and keeping it in top condition - and the results of not doing so. Our comprehensive Asset Care services ensure safe, reliable, and accurate inspections, providing you with a complete understanding of your asset’s current state.


Our expert team is dedicated to prolonging the life of your assets, maintaining, and even improving their value and marketability.

What is Asset Care in Relation to Buildings?

Asset care in the context of buildings involves the comprehensive management and maintenance of a property’s physical condition and functionality, with a strong focus on structural integrity and waterproofing. This process ensures the building remains in optimal condition, extends its lifespan, maintains its value, and meets safety and compliance standards. Here’s what asset care entails for buildings:

  1. Regular Inspections
    Routine assessments of the building’s structure, systems, and components to identify signs of wear, damage, or potential issues. These inspections include critical areas such as foundations, roofing, load-bearing elements, and waterproofing systems to prevent structural failures and water damage.

  2. Preventive Maintenance
    Scheduled maintenance tasks designed to prevent problems before they occur. This includes servicing HVAC systems, cleaning and inspecting gutters, ensuring proper waterproofing of roofs and walls, and addressing minor structural concerns before they become significant issues.

  3. Repairs and Upgrades
    Promptly addressing identified issues to prevent further damage. This involves everything from minor repairs, like fixing leaks or cracks, to major upgrades, such as reinforcing structural elements or replacing outdated waterproofing systems to ensure the building’s longevity and functionality.

  4. Documentation and Reporting
    Keeping detailed records of all inspections, maintenance activities, repairs, and upgrades. This documentation is crucial for tracking the building’s condition over time, planning future maintenance, and providing transparency for stakeholders, including potential buyers or investors.

  5. Compliance and Safety
    Ensuring the building meets all relevant safety standards and regulatory requirements. This includes fire safety measures, accessibility standards, structural integrity checks, and waterproofing compliance, which protect occupants and reduce liability risks.

  6. Enhancing Value and Marketability
    Well-maintained buildings, especially those with solid structural integrity and effective waterproofing, retain their value better and are more attractive to buyers or tenants. Asset care helps preserve and even enhance the property’s marketability by ensuring it remains in excellent condition.

  7. Sustainability and Efficiency
    Implementing sustainable practices and improving the building’s energy efficiency. This includes upgrading to energy-efficient systems, enhancing insulation, and using eco-friendly materials, reducing operating costs, and appealing to environmentally-conscious stakeholders.


Benefits of Asset Care

  • Prolongs the Building’s Lifespan: Regular maintenance prevents premature deterioration, particularly of structural elements and waterproofing systems, extending the building’s useful life.

  • Maintains and Increases Value: Consistent care helps retain and potentially increase the property’s market value.

  • Enhances Safety and Compliance: Regular inspections ensure the building adheres to safety standards and regulations, reducing risks associated with structural failures and water damage.

  • Improves Marketability: A well-maintained building, especially one with reliable structural integrity and waterproofing, is more attractive to buyers, tenants, and investors.

  • Cost Efficiency: Preventive maintenance reduces the likelihood of costly emergency repairs and optimises long-term maintenance budgets.


Effective asset care is essential for property managers, owners, and investors who want to ensure their buildings remain safe, valuable, and attractive over time. By prioritising regular maintenance and inspections, particularly focusing on structural and waterproofing issues, they can protect their investments and improve the overall performance and appeal of their properties.


Why Choose Conspar?

  • Expertise and Experience: Our team comprises seasoned professionals - registered architects and builders with extensive experience in asset management and maintenance. We bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record to every project.

  • Collaborative Methods: Incorporating the priorities of our clients, and the inputs of other specialised resources, we conduct thorough and precise inspections, ensuring accurate assessments and identification of gaps in maintenance considerations and budget forecasts.

  • Customised Solutions: We understand that every asset is unique. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs and conditions of your assets, providing personalised care and attention.


Investing in Conspar’s Asset Care services means investing in the longevity, value, and marketability of your assets. Trust us to deliver the highest standards of inspection and maintenance, keeping your assets in prime condition for years to come.

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