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Resolving Building Complaints and Faults


Depending on the age of the building the property owner/s may have a good result going back to the original builder to address any defects / faults.


However owners should ensure the root cause of the issue is clarified by the contractor first, and the remedial work necessary for addressing the cause approved by an independent building professional and / or structural engineer prior to accepting it. This will ensure the owners are provided a long-term solution, and not just ‘band-aid’ repairs that need to be readdressed when the problem returns year after year after year.

What can the owners do if the

original builder is unable to assist?

STEP 1 : Owners have the opportunity to lodge a complaint through the dispute resolution system with 'DMIRS' or the Department of Mining Industry Regulation and Safety (Building and Energy - formally the Building Commission). This can be done through the following link:


STEP 2 : If this does not provide the result you require owners can consider going to the State Administrative Tribunal. However note that DMIRS pathway needs to be carried out first prior to SAT or they will simply defer until you have carried out this step. More information can be found here:

In any case owners may also consider engaging us to carry out our ‘Remediation Plan’ to confirm the extent and source of the issues through detailed inspection. This may provide the owners with a good starting point to assist in further discussions with the original builder, DMIRS and / or SAT.


Based on our findings we will then be able to provide the owners with a certified remediation strategy. While we will provide a quotation with this report you may also choose to use the report to source other ‘apples for apples’ quotes for the work. Using our report will ensure that all quotes are based on a single, accurately defined scope of work and repair specification. Based on the inspection findings determine whether other inspections and / or specialised inputs are required (eg. Destructive inspections, structural engineering advice, fabrication, etc.).

  1. Once the above items have been completed, provide owner with a ‘Remediation Plan’ containing;

  2. Observations

  3. Recommendations

  4. Scope of work

  5. Specifications

    • A project specific specification for the works is provided by materials suppliers as appendix to the report

  6. Budget estimate for the work (where this is able to be provided based on the findings of the report).

  7. Once the above items have been verified, the ‘Remediation Plan’ that we produce for you will provide the information required to correctly address the source of the issue and to seek 'apples-for-apples' quotations for the work required.

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