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Amendments to WA's Strata Titles Act 1985 that took effect on May 1 this year have meant Perth strata schemes with 10 or more lots (or those insured for more than $5 million) will need a 10 year plan that addresses maintenance required for common and personal property.


At Conspar we're registered builders and have been looking after the maintenance needs of Perth's strata properties since we operating began back in 1969. 


We provide these 10 year maintenance plans for Perth strata complexes that are custom-made to ensure the individual maintenance needs of each complex are met and comply with the requirements of the amended act.

10 Year Strata Maintenance Plans Based on 50 Years of Industry Experience



What We Provide

At the very minimum, the suite of our 10 year maintenance plans meet the minimum requirements of the amendments to the Strata Titles Act. Our reports are provided free of jargon and complexity. The report is in accordance with Section 100 (2a) of the Strata Title amendment act 2018 and includes a list of defects, maintenance, repairs, renewal or replacement of common property in the scheme likely to be needed over the next ten years in addition to the estimated costs for the above items. A full description of the components of the 10 maintenance plan can be seen in section 77 of the Strata Titles (General) Regulations 2019. 

Prioritised Plans With Flexibility

For more complex or larger scale properties, we prioritise work elements first by their potential impact on the longevity of the building and safety of occupants / visitors, and from this follow a matrix of evaluation to ensure projected expenditure is allocated in a practical and effective way.

Furthermore property owners can completely tailor the plan they require. We schedule a meeting to review the goals of the Owners in a one-on-one meeting at our office.

10 year maintenance plan.png

Integrated Plans 

Facilitating An Efficient  Quotation Process

Our 10 year maintenance plans integrate into our 'Building Fault Diagnosis Reports' to ensure that the high-level nature of the plan does not cause confusion and wasted time and funds when it comes to seeking 'apples for apples' quotations for the work. 

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