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Works to stop water ingress damage for apartments at inner-city building

Conspar has carried out investigative and remediation works to four apartments at a complex in inner-city Perth to help stop property damage from various water ingress problems.

One of the apartments at the complex had extensive damage from water leaks creating mould to the extent that the occupant had to vacate the premises because of the health risks. After Conspar conducted an investigation to determine causes of the water ingress, it carried out the necessary remediation works involving everything from rectification of the roof plumbing to window installation.

Another apartment at the complex experiencing water ingress damage Conspar found, thanks to its investigation, was due to incorrect window installation.

Conspar installed new windows at the apartment to stop water ingress and its associated damage from becoming a problem in the future.

A third and fourth apartment at the complex had signs of interior moisture problems.

Conspar investigations at both apartments found an ineffective waterproof membrane underneath the tiles of each individual courtyard.

Conspar has so far treated one of the courtyards by removing the original flooring, installing a new waterproof membrane and drainage system and new tiling.

Established in 1969, Conspar specialises in structural building repair and maintenance to Australian Standards for residential, commercial, industrial, strata, heritage and publicly-owned buildings in Perth.

Led by two registered builders, a registered architect and a registered painter, the team of building repair experts at Conspar will address your property's maintenance needs.

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