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Window lintel upgrade at Mosman Park apartment building

Rusted window lintels have been the focus of Conspar structural repair works at this high-rise residential complex in Mosman Park.

An initial inspection of the building showed rust stains at the window lintels, as well as vertical and horizontal cracks along brickwork nearby and fretting mortar.

If window lintels are rusted they need to be replaced otherwise the rust starts to cause structural damage to other parts of the building and spreads, ultimately become a safety issue.

When replacing window lintels it is important that they are replaced with hot-dip galvanized steel, which unlike other material, is more resistant to corrosion.

Conspar replaced the rusted window lintels of the building with hot-dip galvanized steel lintels and also carried out repointing of the nearby brickwork.

Specialising in structural building repair and maintenance, Conspar has been protecting Perth buildings since 1969.

It provides building inspection, diagnostic and repair services to Australian Standards and offers property owners the option of having works staged.

If your building needs attention, contact Conspar today and speak to one of our experienced building repair technicians.

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