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Maintaining and protecting Perth strata buildings 

Conspar assists with the building maintenance needs of many Perth properties that are strata managed. Working closely with strata managers and the companies they represent, Conspar stands out from the crowd in terms of offering the most cost-effective solutions to building problems without compromising on expertise and service delivery since it began operating in 1969. Whether it be detecting a long-standing water ingress problem to treating the resultant concrete cancer or waterproofing balconies to preventative maintenance installation of protective coatings, Conspar can assist.  If more than one area of repairs is required, Conspar can also assist from roofwork, brickwork, plumbing and window work to carpentry, tiling and painting. Where multiple problem areas are present Conspar is also able to help from steelwork to carpentry, brickwork, roof work, plumbing and painting. Conspar caters for residential and office strata-managed properties.