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CASE STUDY: Conspar's Basement Leak Inspection and Reporting Services, Newcastle Street, Perth

Title: Solving Basement Leak Issues with Conspar's Expert Inspection and Reporting Services


Conspar is a leading provider of specialised basement leak inspection and reporting services in Perth. With extensive experience and a team of highly skilled professionals, Conspar is committed to helping property owners identify and resolve basement leak issues effectively. This case study highlights a recent project where Conspar conducted a comprehensive inspection of a multilevel, residential strata property in Newcastle St, Northbridge, and provided valuable insights for repair

and remediation.

Client Background

The property in question, located in Newcastle St, Northbridge, experienced persistent basement leaks, leading to water ingress and consequential damages. The property owner sought Conspar's expertise to investigate and report on the extent of the leaks and recommend appropriate remediation measures.

Scope of Work

Conspar's inspection and reporting services covered various aspects of the basement, including wall cracks, floor cracks, and compounds. The key findings were as follows:

1. Wall Cracks

- 9lm of cracks were identified in the passage area.

- 4lm of cracks were detected along bay 27 (within extents of 'Compound 2').

- 6lm of cracks were observed adjacent to bay 16 (within extents of 'Compound 1').

- The total length of wall cracks amounted to 19Lm, for which a quote of 20-25Lm was provided.

2. Floor Cracks

- 15lm of cracks were found adjacent to bay 4.

- 8lm of cracks were present adjacent to bay 13/elec board area.

- The total length of floor cracks was 23Lm, with a quote of 20-25Lm for repair.

3. Compounds

- Compound 1 comprised a 14lm wall and door to carbays 15 and 16, and their adjacent drive aisle.

- Compound 2 consisted of a 6lm wall and door within the extents of bays 25, 26, and 27.

Inspection Findings

During the inspection, various issues were identified, including the presence of standing water in the perimeter cavity drain, leaks from grease arrestor tanks and plumbing penetrations through the ground floor slab. Additionally, the lower basement slab showed signs of cracks and leaks, impacting structural integrity and causing water ingress.

Recommendations and Solutions

Based on the inspection findings, Conspar provided the following recommendations:

1. Investigate water storage tanks at the northeast corner of the upper basement for leaks and rectify as required.

2. Evaluate the basement ventilation system to ensure compliance with the National Construction Code and make necessary adjustments.

3. Treat mould identified in the store-room area as per the recommendations from a preliminary report.

4. Repair all leaking plumbing and drainage components by qualified professionals.

5. Rectify the lower basement slab and walls with polyurethane crack injection and appropriate surface treatments.

6. Re-level and adjust drainage points to ensure proper water flow.


Conspar's basement leak inspection and reporting services provided crucial insights for effective remediation of the basement leak issues at 188 Newcastle St, Northbridge. By offering comprehensive recommendations and solutions, Conspar helps property owners in Perth maintain the structural integrity of their properties and prevent further damage from basement leaks. For professional and reliable basement leak inspection and reporting services, choose Conspar as your trusted partner.

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