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Shenton Park building works to stop water ingress damage

Conspar has carried out structural maintenance and refurbishment works at a Shenton Park property to stop water ingress damage, including concrete cancer.

Registered builders Conspar was called in after waterproofing attempts by previous contractors had failed resulting in surface and structural damage predominately at the balcony and basement living areas, including the bathroom.

Conspar conducted a thorough inspection of the property including with structural engineer input. The necessary repair works were then carried out.

The works ranged from concrete cancer treatment at the roof terrace to extensive waterproofing, retiling including shower recess remediation, window frame replacement and flashing replacement.

Water ingress is a problem that can lead to substantial property damage and is able to spread.

If your property is showing signs of moisture damage or you would like to take some preventative steps, talk to the experts at Conspar today.

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