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CASE STUDY: Basement leak reporting and remediation for luxury home in Mosman Park

Case Study: Conspar's Basement Leak Inspection, Reporting, and Remedial Services in Mosman Park, Perth


Conspar, a leading construction and remedial services company based in Perth, offers specialised basement leak inspection, reporting, and remedial services to property owners. With a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Conspar is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to repair basement, balcony, and courtyard leaks. This case study highlights a recent project completed by Conspar in July 2023.

Project Overview

Conspar was contracted to address various leak-related issues on the property, including waterproofing, tiling, and structural repairs. This complex project involved addressing water leaks in multiple areas, such as the planters, three courtyards, pool, and cabana, each requiring specific attention, tailored solutions and high-performance specifications.

Project Timeline and Key Milestones

- Work completed July 2023.

- Ardex and Houspect carried out key inspections at project milestones (arranged by Conspar), to ensure warranty conditions were met, and workmanship standards could be independently assessed.

- Recommendations were made against using sheet membrane in the planter due to potential root and moisture penetration issues.

- Specific attention was given to avoid any damage to the neighbour's property during site access.

- Structural termination sub-grade was found to be missing below the planter, necessitating the provision of a slab base and perimeter walls.

- Various inspections were conducted throughout the project, involving engineers, plumbers, electricians, Ardex, Houspect, tilers, and other specialists.

Challenges and Solutions

1. Planters Waterproofing: Due to the risk of root and moisture penetration, sheet membrane was not recommended. The team decided to use a liquid waterproofing solution instead.

2. Front Fence Stability: To prevent destabilisation of the front fence during works, careful excavation and structural support measures were employed.

3. Relocation of established trees: The removal and relocation of Mango and Frangipani trees were discussed, with advice provided on their feasibility.

4. Tile Selection and Quality: Conspar and the owner reviewed various tile options, focusing on large format tiles and mosaics, to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal.

5. Render matching: The existing feature render to all external walls was meticulously matched through multiple samples and curing methods to reduce the visual difference between repairs and original finishes.

6. Waterproofing solutions: Ardex provided detailed specifications and methodology statements for each individual issue and area. Their inspection at key milestone ensured Conspar was able to satisfy their warranty conditions.

Results and Achievements

- Conspar successfully completed the waterproofing, tiling, and structural works in all designated areas.

- Pool area and courtyard tiling were done with precision, using suitable materials for longevity.

- The northern and southern planters were rendered to ensure a seamless finish and added strength.

- The team rectified any defects, including cracks and grout issues, to meet the desired standard.

- The property's drainage systems were inspected and upgraded, where necessary, to ensure efficient water flow.


Conspar's expert team of professionals successfully addressed basement, balcony, and courtyard leak issues for the property owner in Perth. Through their effective waterproofing, tiling, and structural solutions, Conspar delivered a durable and aesthetically pleasing outcome. This project stands as a testament to Conspar's commitment to excellence, delivering quality services and customer satisfaction for all their clients.

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