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Remedial works for Nedlands property to end long-standing damp problems

Conspar works have begun at a residential property in Nedlands to treat long-standing damp issues.

The works have come about after the owners had exhausted other avenues of investigation to try to find the cause of a damp problem affecting a downstairs area of the property and a bathroom.

Not only were high moisture levels present but also mould which had damaged items such as instruments stored there.

Conspar carried out an inspection and was able to immediately identify the contributing factors, which pointed to defects made during the construction stage of the building.

Since the repair works have started additional building defects have been discovered.

Conspar has been operating in the building maintenance industry in Perth for the past 50 years servicing residential, commercial, industrial, heritage, strata and publicly-owned buildings.

Trusted amongst property owners and strata managers for its technical expertise of structural building maintenance and professional service delivery, Conspar's team of experienced building repair technicians is headed by two registered builders, a registered architect and a registered painter.

Conspar specialises in diagnostic, remedial and preventive building maintenance.


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