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Cottesloe apartment balcony works completed

Conspar balcony restoration works at a Cottesloe apartment building are now complete.

Cottesloe balcony floor restoration works
Cottesloe balcony floor restoration works

The works involved repairs to the concrete floor of the balcony, which was worn with visible cracks.

Cracks can allow water to penetrate the concrete and cause concrete cancer. When water is allowed to penetrate concrete, it rusts the steel reinforcement within causing cracking and spalling (when concrete breaks off). The rust spreads throughout the structure and the damage continues until ultimately the structural integrity is compromised becoming a significant safety issue.

Conspar's 5-layer protective floor coatings were also installed on the balcony.

Water resistant and eight times stronger than concrete against wear and tear, the coatings are designed to help prevent surface damage and concrete cancer.

Conspar, operating since 1969, specialises in building repair and preventive maintenance for residential, strata, commercial, industrial, heritage and publicly-owned properties in Perth.

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