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Wembley Downs balcony waterproofing and tiling works

Conspar has been carrying building restoration works to a residential property in Wembley Downs.

The works were a result of a lack of waterproofing at the balcony floor of the property which was causing water ingress problems.

The first stage of works by Conspar involved having to remove the original tiles of the balcony floor.

The second stage of the works was preparing the substrate and installing the waterproof membrane.

The third stage was installing new tiles to the area.

Waterproofing is a vital component of the building construction process. It helps protect the building's structure from damage due to water penetration impacting it, usually through holes and cracks in surfaces but can also penetrate via absorption.

Conspar, a family-owned and operated company established in 1969, has been waterproofing buildings for 50 years.

All of its work is carried out to Australian Standards.

The company is led by two registered builders, a registered architect and a registered painter.

If your property is having water ingress or leaking problems, contact Conspar for an inspection today. With Conspar your property is in safe hands.

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