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Highgate apartment balconies get waterproofing and tiling works

Conspar maintenance works at a residential apartment block in Highgate are now complete.

The works were in response to water ingress issues being experienced at the complex and involved treatment to two areas of the complex.

The areas concerned were two apartment balconies and the planter boxes that belonged to them.

An initial destructive investigation and inspection of the tiled balcony floors and planter boxes had shown an inadequate waterproof membrane and water-blocked screed present - factors which can not only lead to water leakage but other forms of structural damage such as concrete cancer.

To treat the problem the tiles of the balcony floors had to be removed along with the old water-blocked screed, surfaces prepared, new screed with adequate falls ensured and a waterproof membrane installed, as well as new tiles laid. While the process is slightly lengthier than simply sealing the area, which is what less professional contractors would do, it offers a long-term solution by addressing the root cause of the problem rather than leaving further damage to occur.

Note: inadequate waterproofing of balconies of new build apartments in Perth is something potential owners / investors should watch out for.

The other area of Conspar work at the complex was to waterproof the planter boxes of both apartments, which included upgrading their drainage systems.

Conspar, specialising in structural building maintenance, has been operating since 1968.

Based in Inglewood it services residential, commercial, industrial, heritage and publicly-owned properties in Perth.

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