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Applecross rising damp treatment for residential property

Conspar has completed rising damp treatment to a residential property in Applecross.

Rising damp, a result of a failing or inexistent damp-proof course between the footings and brickwork of a building, can come in the form of blistering or flaky paintwork, fretting brickwork, crumbling mortar, mould, dampness, efflorescence, watermarks or damaged skirting boards.

This Perth property was showing signs of rising damp at the external walls of its two front bedrooms and an adjacent bedroom. The front master bedroom had high levels of moisture.

Treating the interior and exterior of a building is recommended when it comes to rising damp.

However often owners opt for interior treatment only which still provides adequate protection against rising damp. This involved installation of a chemical injection damp course (CIDC) system to the internal surface of the external walls of the bedrooms to prevent further moisture from penetrating the building.

Conspar, established in 1969 and led by two registered builders, a registered architect and a registered painter, specialises in structural building repairs such as rising damp treatment, concrete cancer treatment and waterproofing.

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