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Northbridge water ingress treatment for strata apartment

Conspar was called out to a residential strata apartment in inner-city Northbridge to investigate the cause of long-term water ingress.

The issue had caused extensive damage to wall finishes, carpet and skirting and created mould throughout the apartment - a health hazard - resulting in the occupant having to vacate.

Conspar carried out an investigation to help determine causes of the water ingress and provide recommendations for repair.

The investigation looked at the lower and top roof above affected areas, flashing and roof sheeting, dektite, aircon vent, gutter and downpipe, water spreader, rainhead, stench-pipe and gyprox detecting several leakage points for repair.

The repair works are continuing.

If your property is experiencing water ingress problems, contact Conspar today on 9271 6091.

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