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Applecross unit block gets concrete cancer repairs

Conspar maintenance works at a block of residential units in Applecross has come to a close.

The work has predominately involved addressing the occurrence of concrete cancer at stairwells and individual balconies of the residential units.

Water had penetrated the concrete surfaces resulting in the interior steel reinforcement rusting and over time causing the concrete to break away and the steel to become exposed. If left untreated, concrete cancer can comprise the structural integrity of an area and eventually pose a safety risk.

Many of the concrete steps of the stairwells leading to each unit at the Applecross block had been affected by concrete cancer to the extent that they had to be replaced. Conspar measured, designed and produced new custom made concrete steps and installed them to the affected stairwells.

Conspar's protective floor coating with an anti-slip finish was then applied to all the steps of the staircases to help prevent concrete cancer from occurring again and enhance the safety of the area for its occupants.

Individual balconies of the units were also treated for concrete cancer, waterproofed and Conspar's protective floor coatings applied to help prevent concrete cancer from occurring. The custom-made floor coatings also included an anti-slip finish to enhance area safety for the occupants.

Verandahs of the units were also treated with expansive joints restored and waterproofing applied to prevent concrete cancer from occurring.

Repainting of the complex was also carried out.

Conspar's restoration work to the Applecross unit block has not only enhanced its structural integrity and safety but also presentation and resale value.

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