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Mosman Park heritage restoration near completion

The largest component of Conspar structural building maintenance works at Mosman Park Memorial Hall - home to Camelot Outdoor Theatre and other recreation amenities, is coming to a close.

Concrete cancer detection and treatment was carried out at the heritage building's entrance, more specifically, the balcony soffit and balcony floor.

Severely corroded steel reinforcing was removed and replaced, corrosion prevention treatment applied and the area plastered and painted.

A waterproofing system was installed above the soffit at the balcony floor to prevent further concrete cancer from developing after hairline cracks in the area were discovered. Additional drainage holes were installed at the balcony floor, existing holes widened and drainage pipes added to help prevent water build-up in the area.

The final aspect of the work, in addition to painting, is restoring window areas of the building showing signs of damage such as rusted steel framing, fasteners and hinges. An additional aspect of this work will be to remove all previously installed glazing putty, which contains asbestos.

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