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Camelot Theatre maintenance project

Conspar structural building maintenance work has begun at heritage-listed Mosman Park Memorial Hall.

Home to Camelot Outdoor Cinema, the art deco building's balcony had showed signs of concrete damage and needed attention.

Upon inspection, Conspar had found concrete cancer to be at work with the steel reinforcement of the balcony soffit substantially corroded due to a water penetration problem.

Further investigation determined approximately 50 per cent of the steel rods in the balcony soffit would have to be replaced in addition to Conspar's initial scope of works to be carried out to rectify the area.

With the source of the water penetration problem traced back to hairline cracks on the balcony floor and ineffective drainage outlets, additional Conspar works are also to include waterproofing the balcony floor and installing sufficient drainage systems.

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