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Building repair works commence at residential unit complex in Cottesloe

Today a Conspar building restoration and preventive maintenance project begins at a residential unit complex in Cottesloe.

The first stage of works will be treating concrete cancer present at common access areas of the complex such as the stairwells and landings.

Concrete cancer is structural damage caused by water penetration of surfaces usually through small cracks. Water travels through these cracks to the steel reinforcement within the concrete rusting it and leading to further cracking and damage.

If concrete cancer is not treated correctly, it can spread resulting in spalling (when the damage is so bad, chunks of concrete start to break and fall off parts of the building) and ultimately compromise the overall structural integrity and safety of a building.

While some contractors will simply patch over or cover-up concrete cancer, this mistake can end up costing owners dearly as without treating the rust, the cancer is able to spread and with it, damage to the building as well as likelihood of safety risks for occupants and passers-by.

The second stage of the project will be installing Conspar's 5-layer protective floor coatings.

These coatings are a preventive maintenance solution when it comes to warding off concrete cancer because they are:

a) waterproof

b) 8 times more abrasion-resistant (wear and tear-resistant) than concrete, helping to protect the concrete from surface damage that could otherwise enable water penetration.

Conspar, established in 1969, and based in Perth, is locally-owned and operated. It is led by two registered builders, a registered architect and a registered builder who lead a team of experienced building repair technicians servicing the needs of residential, commercial, industrial, heritage and publicly-owned properties in Perth.

To address your property's needs, contact Conspar today.


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