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Cottesloe building works continue to stop water ingress issues

Conspar restoration works to solve water ingress problems at an apartment building overlooking Cottesloe Beach are continuing.

The extensive works by Conspar, which have included treatment to the interior of one of the top level apartments and the roof of the building, have been in-depth and detailed from the beginning to relieve stress from the owners and tenants about long standing water ingress issues occurring at the site. These issues have included ceiling leaks and wall cracks, as well as other structural problems as a result of the water ingress.

The project has involved liaison with structural engineers, conducting technical inspections and destructive investigations, producing repair diagnostics to carrying out a series of staged works to help stop the water ingress and restore both the roof area and affected apartment.

It is a project Conspar has been proud to be a part of.

Established in 1969, Conspar is locally owned and operated and led by two registered builders, a registered architect and a registered painter servicing strata, private residential, commercial, industrial, heritage and publicly-owned properties in Perth.

All Conspar work is carried out to Australian Standards.

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