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South Perth apartment building gets concrete cancer treatment

Conspar has carried out concrete cancer treatment to an apartment building in South Perth.

The cancer was occurring at the soffit of a common access staircase at the complex - a common area where concrete cancer occurs.

Concrete cancer happens when steel reinforcement within the concrete rusts, usually due to water penetration of hairline cracks (fine cracks) in the concrete.

Visible signs of concrete cancer are rust stains, bubbling or cracking paint and exposed steel reinforcement.

If left untreated, concrete cancer can spread leading to more building damage, ultimately affecting the building's structural integrity and putting its safety into question.

It is important to note with concrete cancer that simply patching or painting over the problem will not stop the damage from continuing.

The rusted steel needs to be treated first or in severe cases, replaced.

A good way to help prevent concrete cancer is to give surfaces protection against water penetration and cracking from wear and tear.

Conspar's 5-layer protective coatings - eight times more abrasion-resistant than concrete and waterproof - help to protect surfaces from wear and tear and water penetration, which would otherwise assist in the development of concrete cancer.

​If you think your property has concrete cancer or would like to help protect it against the development of concrete cancer, contact Conspar today.

Conspar, established in 1969, specialises in structural building maintenance in Perth.

Its team of experienced structural building maintenance experts is led by two registered builders, a registered architect and a registered painter.

Based in Inglewood, Conspar services residential, commercial, heritage, industrial and publicly-owned properties in the Perth metro area.

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