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Northbridge apartment balcony waterproofing protects and give facelift

​This Northbridge apartment was experiencing water ingress problems when Conspar was called to intervene.

The private balcony - the area of work - initially looked like this

​A destructive investigation showed high moisture readings under the tiles and little trace of a waterproof membrane existing - major red flags when it comes to water ingress problems.

The original tiles and water-logged screed were removed, new screed and adequate falls installed, a waterproof membrane applied and new tiles laid. Adequate drainage and sealing of the area was also incorporated as part of the works.

Conspar, based in Inglewood, specialises in structural building maintenance and has been operating since 1969.

The company is led by two registered builders, a registered architect and a registered painter and services Perth's residential, commercial, heritage, industrial and publicly-owned properties.

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