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Cottesloe residential apartment block maintenance works come to a close

Conspar has completed building maintenance works at this residential strata complex in Cottesloe.

The first stage of works involved treatment of concrete cancer at common access walkways, balconies and stairways of the complex.

Concrete cancer occurs when the steel reinforcement within the concrete rusts due to water penetration, usually through hairline cracks (thin cracks) in the concrete. It leads to spalling (concrete breaking off), becoming a safety risk to people and nearby property and can impact a building's overall structural integrity. It is for these reasons, early detection and treatment is strongly advisable.

When treating concrete cancer it is vital that the presence of rust is eradicated and the steel protected to prevent continuation of the problem, as can be seen in the pictures below. Some unprofessional contractors will simply hide the concrete cancer by painting over it or patching over it. Unfortunately, this option does not stop the rusting process and so the damage is left to spread.

It is only after the steel has been treated that surfaces can be restored.

Balustrade fixings can also be susceptible to rust and be a common avenue for concrete cancer to develop.

At this Cottesloe complex the balustrade fixings were also treated as they were showing signs of rust. Some unprofessional contractors will simply paint or patch over these areas without treating the rusted steel, which does not stop the rusting process and so the damage is left to spread.

The final stage of Conspar works at the site involved the installation of Conspar's 5-layer waterproof protective coatings. Eight times more abrasion-resistant than concrete, the coatings are designed to help protect surfaces from wear and tear and water penetration that would otherwise assist in the development of concrete cancer. The coatings are also available in anti-slip and a range of colours and finishes.

Conspar established in 1969, services residential, commercial, industrial, heritage and publicly-owned properties in Perth.

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