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St Patrick's Community Support Centre restoration works complete

Conspar has completed additional restoration works at heritage-listed St Patrick's Community Support Centre in Fremantle.

The additional works have included concrete cancer treatment, brickwork reappointing and painting to the facade of the building.

Earlier Conspar works carried out last year include extensive structural propping of the west wing, installation of two square hollow section columns, treatment of concrete cancer at structural columns and beams, removal of rusted steel fixings in the brickwork, the installation of new Helefix brick ties, repairing damaged brickwork and a lift upgrade.

Conspar, established in 1969, specialises in structural building maintenance for residential, commercial, industrial, heritage and publicly-owned buildings in Perth.

Two registered builders, a registered architect and a registered painter lead the team of experienced building maintenance experts assisting the needs of property owners, strata managers and property managers in Perth.

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