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Cottesloe apartment block concrete cancer treatment and waterproof protective coatings

Conspar has begun structural building maintenance works for a block of residential apartments in Cottesloe.

The first stage of works involve addressing concrete cancer occurring at common access areas of the complex.

Concrete cancer starts when water is able to penetrate through the concrete either via fine, hairline cracks or a porous surface. It rusts the steel reinforcement within the concrete, leading to larger cracks, further water penetration, the damage spreading, spalling (when chunks of concrete fall off) and ultimately compromises the structural integrity of a building.

The second stage of Conspar works will involve installing Conspar's custom made, 5-layer protective floor coating system to common access areas of the complex. This is a preventative maintenance measure as the coatings are eight times more abrasion-resistant than concrete and waterproof to help protect surfaces from damage and water penetration which would otherwise lead to concrete cancer.

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