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Outdoor areas and water ingress

It is quite common for tiled outdoor areas of a property, particularly balconies, to become a source of water ingress and subsequent building damage. This is usually because no waterproof membrane has been applied underneath the tiles or if it has, it is inadequate in preventing water penetration of the building.

Conspar has recently been carrying out numerous investigations of balcony and courtyard outdoor areas of Perth properties, from Scarborough and North Fremantle to Highgate and East Perth, each time discovering waterproofing work is needed to help stop water ingress.

Specialising in structural building maintenance that incorporates services such as waterproofing, treatment of concrete cancer, rising damp and many other aspects of building protection, Conspar looks after the needs of residential, commercial, industrial as well as heritage buildings in Perth.

Led by two registered builders, a registered architect and a registered painter, Conspar, established in 1969, is Perth's trusted source of first-rate building maintenance services.

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