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Como concrete cancer treatment and floor restoration works at residential unit block

Conspar building maintenance work has begun at a block of residential units in Como.

One component of work so far has involved treating concrete cancer occurring at common access areas of the property such as walkways and stairways, as well as private balconies.

Concrete cancer has the potential to compromise the structural integrity of a building and therefore once detected should be acted upon. It occurs when water penetrates the steel reinforcing within the concrete, often through cracks in the concrete, rusting the steel and causing further damage to the concrete such as spalling (concrete falling off). Concrete cancer can create both safety and liability issues for the owner/s if left to develop.

Treating concrete cancer is an area of structural building maintenance Conspar specialises in, whether it be occurring at a residential property, office block or factory.

Conspar are also restoring external floors of the residential complex - another area of building maintenance Conspar, established in 1969, specialises in.

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