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South Perth apartment block gets concrete cancer treatment

Conspar has been carrying out concrete cancer treatment to a multi-storey residential building in South Perth.

The works involve treating concrete cancer - an area of building restoration Conspar specialise in - occurring at the riverside apartment block to common access stairways.

Conspar is also carrying out concrete cancer treatment to common access walkways of the property.

Concrete cancer is a common problem seen at external areas of a building, such as soffits (underside) of stairways or balconies often at the stage when the steel reinforcement becomes visible.

The steel is visible because when water penetrates concrete, often through fine hairline cracks in the concrete, it rusts the steel reinforcement within it. This process over time causes a lot of movement of the concrete, leading to further cracking of the concrete and eventual spalling (when sections of concrete break away).

Spalling can be a safety issue for occupants of the building and nearby property. It can also lead to further deterioration of the building, affecting its overall structural integrity and safety.

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