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Scarborough residence gets concrete cancer treatment

Conspar has carried out structural maintenance works to a multi-storey residential property in Scarborough.

The works by Conspar were to address water ingress issues occurring at the coastal property's balcony that had manifested as concrete cancer - a treatment area Conspar, established in 1969, specialises in.

Concrete cancer is a common problem that Perth properties can experience. It occurs when water penetrates concrete rusting the steel reinforcement within and causing the surrounding concrete to crack and spall. This process can not only affect the structural integrity of the area concerned but also that of the building itself, producing safety and liability issues.

The structural rectification works carried out by Conspar involved several stages in exposing affected areas and treating them.

If you're concerned your property might have concrete cancer, contact Conspar today. It is always a safer and cheaper option to address the problem in its early stages than wait until it becomes more serious.

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