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West Perth apartment complex maintenance project

Conspar has been carrying out structural maintenance works to an apartment complex in West Perth.

The works have involved addressing water ingress issues that have been creating damage to external private and common access areas of the premises, centrally located off Charles St.

Conspar works at the complex have included treatment of concrete cancer and waterproofing to common access areas such as the stairs and balconies, as well as private balconies.

As part of Conspar's structural repairs, its 5-layer protective floor coatings were applied to surfaces of the building.

These custom-made coatings are eight times more abrasive resistant than concrete, as well as water resistant to help protect surfaces from water penetration, wear and tear and cracking - otherwise leading to concrete cancer.

Conspar protective coatings also come in an anti-slip finish to help reduce the incidence of slips and falls - particularly relevant for high-density housing - and come in a range of colours and finishes.

The works by Conspar, which have helped to restore the structural integrity of private and common access areas of the premises, at the same time act to enhance its market value and presentation.

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