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Crawley residential unit block restoration project

When Conspar was called in to restore a partially collapsed front balcony at a block of residential units in Crawley, it soon became evident other areas of the building were in need of some attention, from concrete cancer at balconies to the rear of the premises to rusted lintels at windows along the units.

To help the owner manage the various aspects of maintenance required, Conspar established a programme of works for completion.

First priority was given to works at the front of the property to restore the structural integrity and safety of the area. They included installation of a new shelf lintel to the balustrades, replacement of the front verandah floors with new concrete slabs and corroded supporting steel posts with hot-dipped galvanised steel, as well as the installation of new fittings. The roof and ceiling area of this front section were restored, which included removing asbestos eave lining, replacing the timber fascias, damaged structural timbers and ceiling lining and restoring the roof and ceiling frames.

Concrete cancer at this front section of the building (as well as the rear) was also evident, which included the main entrance that leads to an internal common access staircase, and balustrade areas (leading edges, structural concrete beams and drummy top surface of the concrete).

The brickwork restoration involved the front, side and rear of the property focusing on the balustrades, staircase, carport and laundry.

Dilapidated and broken bricks were replaced, repointing carried out to replace areas of missing brick mortar and Helifix support systems installed.

To discourage the development of concrete cancer, drainage for the property was also improved with the installation of a number of drain outlets and floor surfaces (balconies, verandahs and common access stairways) waterproofed using Conspar's 5-layer waterproof coating system with fibreglass.

The front entry of the building that leads to the main common access stairway out to the units above also had concrete cancer and needed to be restored.

Concrete cancer was also found at the rear balcony floors and external staircase soffit which were also treated.

Asbestos was removed from fence panels, as well as the laundry and carport.

The roofing of the carport was replaced with Colorbond.

Window lintels of units at the property were also replaced.

The main building, carport and laundry were repainted, signage at the entrance restored and a new colour scheme added to give the premises a more contemporary look whilst in keeping with its surrounds.

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