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Specialising in balcony protection

A substantial amount of Conspar structural maintenance work is restoring balconies.

Balconies can be subject to various issues - concrete cancer to name one, where water penetrates the concrete, rusting the steel reinforcement and damaging the surrounds leading to greater structural and safety issues, particularly if they belong to high-rise apartment blocks.

Furthermore, these days balconies of new-build apartments can often have more maintenance problems because they were not designed properly, from inadequate flashing and drainage systems, to an inexistent fall or lack of a waterproof membrane. Added to this is the fact that most of these new balconies will be tiled.

Conspar specialises in rectification of these issues and as a result, offers a non-fuss, straight forward service that will have your balcony looking like new, also helping to prevent maintenance issues to the rest of your property.

Contact Conspar today to see how we can help.

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