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Conspar protective coatings helping to fight against concrete cancer

Concrete cancer is a destructive building maintenance problem that if left untreated can end up not only creating a substantial financial cost but also a significant safety and liability risk. However, the chances of it occurring in the first place can be greatly minimised.

Conspar custom-made protective floor coatings are eight times more abrasion-resistant than concrete and waterproof helping to protect property floor surfaces from the impacts of abrasion, particularly in high-traffic, heavy load areas as well as water penetration which could otherwise lead to the onset of concrete cancer.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces, and often used for outdoor balconies, Conspar custom-made protective floor coatings are available in a range colours and finishes, including an anti-slip/anti-skid finish idea for high-traffic areas.

Call Conspar today to see how your property can obtain protection.

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