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Concrete cancer - not just unsightly

If any of these images resemble a problem at your property, then you might want to read on.

These are all images of concrete cancer - a destructive building maintenance problem that if left untreated, can not only cost you more financially as the owner but also be a significant safety and liability risk.

Concrete cancer occurs when water has found a way to penetrate the concrete, usually through small hairline cracks in the concrete, making its way to the steel reinforcement within.

Once this steel reinforcement starts to be affected by the water and become rusted, the rusted reinforcement then goes on to impact the surrounding concrete to the point of the concrete eventually breaking off (spalling), causing major safety issues and comprising the structural integrity of the building.

If you think your property might have concrete cancer, contact Conspar today. We specialise in concrete cancer treatment and have been operating since 1969.

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