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Como unit gets rising damp repairs

Conspar has carried out rising damp repair works in Como. The works have involved treating the internal and external areas of a residential dwelling located close to the Swan River.

Rising damp, a water ingress problem, is often the result of inadequate building construction where there is a lack of features to move water away from the building such as flashing, efficient drainage systems and the vital damp-proof course as well as others such as step-downs and adequate falls - without which result in moisture penetrating a building and causing internal and surface damage.

Some signs of rising damp include efflorescence, wall paint bubbling or flaking and fretting brickwork.

Conspar's restoration work to the building has included aiding external areas to prevent water from penetrating the interior by excavating a trench and applying a damp-proof course, as well as adding an aggregate drain to help remove water away from the building. The work has also included providing direct protection to the interior of the building by installing a chemical injection damp-proof course in the internal walls.

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