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Glendalough residential block gets rising damp treatment and drainage works

Conspar has been carrying out rising damp repair and drainage works to a residential complex in Glendalough.

Rising damp manifests as blistering or bubbling paint on internal walls, delaminating wall plaster, fretting brickwork, water marks or efflorescence on walls or damaged skirting boards and is due to a failure or absence of a damp-proof course between brickwork and footings and inadequate water barrier systems.

The project, involving several stages, has included installing a chemical injection damp-proof course to the walls internally and externally to provide a barrier against moisture rising from the wall base, as well as excavating a trench to access the sub-grade areas, parking to create a waterproof barrier for the wall base to prevent longitudinal damp (when wind blown rain forces water through the walls due to brickwork porosity, missing mortar and/or window frame failure) and installing an aggregate drain to assist with moisture drainage.

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