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Crawley unit block gets restoration work

A current Conspar project has involved substantial restoration work to sections of a Crawley residential block of units near the University of Western Australia.

Two balcony areas at the front of the property were the initial point of focus for the work as they had showed significant signs of structural weakness. Common access areas at the site (stairways, balconies and verandahs) have also received maintenance work.

The works have included: installation of a new shelf lintel to the balustrades; new footings for the columns; replacement of a corroded steel post; treatment of concrete cancer to structural concrete beams, leading edges, soffits and drummy top surfaces; roof restoration to the balcony areas; asbestos removal of the eave lining and fence panels below a stairway; brick balustrade repair including brick replacement, repointment and installation of Helifix rod systems to mortar joints; concrete crack repair, application of Conspar's 5-Layer waterproof coating system with fibreglass, as well as window lintel replacement, installation of drainage systems and replacement of concrete floor slabs (verandah floors).

The works continue.

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