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Conspar waterproof floor coatings adding long term value for Perth residential complexes

Conspar waterproof floor coatings are a popular option for the maintenance of multi-dwelling residential buildings in Perth, particularly common access areas such as walkways, stairways and balconies.

These areas are often exposed to a high degree of traffic and weathering making the floors more susceptible to wear and tear, requiring protection.

Conspar's five-layer waterproof floor coating system acts as a protective barrier resistant to abrasion (eight times stronger than concrete) and water penetration, which could otherwise likely lead to the development of concrete cancer - a more costly problem to rectify.

Available in an anti-slip finish, the floor coatings also help to prevent the incidence of slips and falls in these high traffic areas.

With a fast installation time, smart finish and low maintenance required, Conspar's waterproof floor coatings are a sensible choice for property owners looking out for the best interests of their asset.

Below is a recent Conspar waterproof floor coating project at a complex of residential units in Lynwood.

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