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Using the best for achieving structural building maintenance excellence

When it comes to structural building maintenance in Perth, property owners and asset managers alike consistently turn to Conspar because of the reliability of service it provides, delivering outcomes for long-term value combined with a high standard of professional service.

Operating in structural building maintenance since 1969, led by a registered builder, registered architect and registered painter, Conspar is able to provide its clients with results that can only be achieved from its years of technical expertise and history working with Perth's residential, commercial, government, industrial, heritage and aged-care sectors.

An important element of the premium service Conspar provides to its clients is the type of equipment and products it uses. Helifix for example, an established UK brand well-known in the structural building maintenance field, is regularly used by Conspar for its reliability of function.

Helifix wall ties were recently used by Conspar for one of its structural building maintenance projects in Fremantle. The wall ties were used as part of Conspar works at the heritage-listed hostel tto help restore aspects of the building's structural integrity.

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