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Helping to maintain WA's registered heritage buildings

Conspar structural building maintenance projects often involve buildings registered on WA's State Heritage List such as Saint Patrick's Community Support Centre in Fremantle or The Belgium Beer Cafe in Perth's CBD.

As heritage buildings structural problems can often be present due to ageing of the building's original materials or a build up of unfavourable environmental conditions. For example, excessive moisture can corrode brick wall ties and steel reinforcement in concrete structural loading beams, soil subsidence can destabilise a building's foundations - all with the potential to lead to collapse.

Conspar heritage maintenance work involves restoring heritage buildings that are used for a range of functions, whether they be as commercial offices, places of worship, for the hospitality industry or residential purposes.

All projects involve close consultation and collaboration with the owners of the property concerned, experienced structural engineers, heritage architects and suppliers of Australian heritage restoration products to ensure that every job extends the life of the building and is in keeping with its original character.

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