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Fremantle high rise structural maintenance works

The third stage of Conspar works have begun at a high-rise residential block in Fremantle.

Addressing structural repair issues at common access areas, individual resident quarters and general areas of the property overlooking Fremantle harbour, Conspar structural maintenance works at the site has been ongoing for the past two years, staged to address owner priorities and budgets.

So far Conspar's work has included: addressing cracking, and spalling of concrete columns and concrete cancer damage at the external stairways including the steel balustrade fixings and walkways, repairing expansion joints at each level of the walkways, waterproofing with Conspar's five layer protective fibreglass coatings to help prevent concrete cancer, painting of the external stairwells including the columns and soffits, walkways and lift well walls, concrete repair and waterproofing of the private balconies, and repairing vertical expansion joints of the walls and expansion joints at each level of the walkways.

This next stage of works involves cleaning, repair and painting of the building's external concrete slabs and roof restoration work involving repairing and replacing the gutters.

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