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Buyer beware - early maintenance for some new Perth developments

Conspar has seen an increasing number of structural building maintenance problems for recently developed, multi-storey residential blocks throughout Perth with some developments in breach of the Building Code of Australia.

When called out to investigate these apartments showing signs of surface and structural damage, such as deteriorating timber floorboards or cracks on a balcony facade, Conspar soon discovers basic breaches of the Building Code of Australia have taken place during the development's construction stage.

Some examples of these breaches include inexistent step-downs to inadequate screed installation and a lack of waterproofing membrane - features that are essential for protecting a building against water build-up and subsequent problems such as concrete cancer and rising damp that can affect a building's structural integrity, introduce safety and liability risks and reduce its resale value.

Conspar director Byron Spartalis said that while some owners of these affected apartments, which in some cases were worth millions of dollars each, simply opted to sell upon discovering the problems, rectification work to help restore the properties to standard could be done quite quickly.

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