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Parliament House waterproofing project

Conspar waterproofing works have begun at Parliament House.

After identifying inadequate waterproofing by a previous installer as the cause of water leaks in the building’s offices, Conspar set to work with a treatment programme.

“The whole area was leaking water into the rooms below,” Conspar director Byron Spartalis said pointing to the building’s courtyard.

“There was deterioration of the waterproof membrane below the concrete pavers.”

Once the pavers were removed, about 500sqm of them, the condition of the membrane could be examined, deterioration marked out and removed and areas treated.

The flashing previously installed was also inadequate.

“The flashing is not as per the building code. It hasn’t been installed to specification. It’s only 5 mL instead of 15 mL and there is no added adhesive on top. We have to remove and replace the flashing and put on an adhesive,” Byron said.

Conspar works at Parliament House are continuing.

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