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South Perth balcony block gets waterproofing works

Balconies can be areas of high water build-up. Without adequate water barrier structures, systems and treatments used to assist with long-term protection, surface and structural damage can occur – a problem Conspar often sees with properties in Perth, including new developments.

One of Conspar’s current projects involves a block of residential apartments in South Perth where water penetration of balcony floors and pathways of the complex had led to structural damage and water leakage problems.

While a waterproof membrane had previously been applied to the resident balcony floors it had only been painted on.

“It’s a cheap way of doing something that is not really conducive for long periods,” Conspar director Byron Spartalis said.

So, after removing the tiles the required waterproofing system was installed (consisting of set stages), then the tiles replaced.

Pathways in the complex were also waterproofed to stop additional water leakage.

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