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Apartment leaking caused by a neighbour's shower? Chances are it's not covered by strata

If your apartment leaking problem has been attributed to your neighbour's shower, chances are the repairs won't be covered by strata.

While it is often difficult to know what is and isn't covered when it comes to strata-title properties, it is a common misconception that such building problems are the responsibility of strata. Usually it is only that which is common property that is covered, as referred to by the Strata Community Association:


Landgate states something similar:

One local strata insurance company explicitly cites what water leaks are and aren't covered:

If your strata property, be it young or old, is experiencing water leaks, report it to your strata company first who will guide you on the necessary steps to take.

Conspar, established in 1969, specialises in water leak detection and repair services which includes waterproofing bathrooms and outdoor areas such as balconies, courtyard and staircases.

We are also listed as a registered building service provider on the Building Commission's website available to repair defects for young buildings as a result of Building Commission cases.

Run by two registered builders, a registered architect and a registered painter with a team of experienced building repair technicians, Conspar is ready to assist you today.

Water leaks particularly at ceilings of a multi-storey dwelling whether they be private residential or strata can be a common problem. Some causes may be

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