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Bayswater warehouse restoration project

Conspar has been carrying out floor restoration works to a commercial warehouse in Bayswater.

Works carried out to the aged warehouse floor have involved prepping surfaces, applying a layer of screed which includes a waterproof membrane and two coats of Conspar protective floor coatings.

Warehouses and factories often exhibit damaged floors because no protection against abrasion such a mechanical abrasion (caused by regular machinery use, particularly heavy-wheeled machinery), and chemical abrasion (from regular use of cleaning solvents and chemical spills) has been applied.

Conspar protective floor coatings have an anti-abrasion strength eight times higher than concrete.

When applied, Conspar protective floor coatings create no gaps or joints reducing dirt accumulation and dust.

The coatings come in a range of colours and finishes, including non-slip / non-skid.

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