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When buildings become dangerous

Building degradation can be a slow process but we often don't realise something is seriously wrong until a major safety incident occurs, such as parts of a building's facade falling off and endangering people and property nearby.

Take for example, the recent case of a heritage building in Fremantle functioning as a brewery, where bricks from the top of the building fell off trapping a woman inside her car below.

A similar example was in Perth's CBD when Conspar was called out to a heritage building housing a popular brasserie. Bricks from the building's facade had fallen off into the footpath below.

Luckily in both cases there were no fatalities.

To better avoid these type of problems occurring at your property, whether it be commercial, residential or industrial, take time to regularly check it for signs of weakness.

If you see, for example, cracked or spalling concrete, rust stains, bubbling/flaky paintwork, worn brick mortar, efflorescence or subsidence, contact Conspar.

It is better to act on it now than wait until it becomes a major safety risk and costly to repair.

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